What about Banjo?

Unwittingly, we made a couple of smart moves before we knew we’d be hitting the road this spring.  One was adopting Banjo.

We’d both agreed we wanted a dog to travel with, but the timing for adoption would be tricky.  We had been fostering dogs thinking that we’d start looking for the special one closer to Tracy’s anticipated retirement date (a few years from now).  But then we met Banjo at an adoption event and felt the right vibe from her, what my sister used to call “Furniture Dog.” She’s big, she’s quiet and still (for the most part), and she exudes calmness. The only difference between furniture and furniture dogs is that the leaning goes both ways.

A major characteristic that made Banjo a great candidate for the road is her youth: we thought that by the time we hit the road she would have matured into an even calmer dog and would be bonded with us and ready for our unusual lifestyle.  Then, surprise! Retirement hit early.

But what a good surprise. Banjo has proven herself already: she’s bonded with us, she’s already mature and capable of calming when you tell her, and man does she love a road trip. And a campfire. And sleeping beside us in our former travel trailer.

So, yes, Banjo is coming along for the long, strange trip.

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