Travel Map

Clickable Map

Each pin here links to a blog post I wrote at that location. Once you open that post, use the navigation button at the bottom of the page to get to other posts from that location.

This map is really easy to use (thanks, Novo Map!), but here are some tips:

  • click on the box icon in the top right to see it full-screen, or use two fingers,
  • use two fingers to zoom in to see individual pins or to move around in the map,
  • click on a pin at a location you’re curious about, and a pop-up window should appear with a post summary from that location,
  • click on the title of the post summary to open that post.
  • click anywhere else on the map to close the pop-up (if you click on the x in the top-left corner, you’ll close the map altogether).

The square markers are curtesy of Maps Icons Collection

Static Map

If that map is too buggy for you, here’s a static map of where we’ve been, with blue being our first year on the road, then yellow and purple the next two years, and red the current year.

Details in the Lower 48:

Details up north: