Tiny Houses

Creating tiny houses from kits is a hobby I started in the Airstream because it’s small and quiet (so I can do it at night while I’m awake and Tracy’s asleep). I am now obsessed.

Quick View of All

Here’s a slideshow of nearly all the Tiny Houses I’ve made.

And here are a few pics and links to posts about each one.

Sadie’s Fancy Tiny House

Glass piano!

Barbie’s Garden Tiny House

Pink, with a pool. I don’t need to say any more.

Earthquake Tiny House

I had to rebuild this one several times, so I’m going with the theme of natural disaster.

Stories in Books Tiny House

Here’s a type of kit I really looked forward to and really didn’t enjoy.

Prairie Tiny Home

This much-anticipated kit turned out to be not as interesting as I’d wanted, but it went to a park ranger in Alaska who adores it (she says it’s exactly like her condo in Florida). So, time well spent.

Here’s the post.

Tilted Book Tiny Coffee Shop

This was not such a fun one to make, but it turned out to be interesting to look at overall.

Here’s more info so you’ll know what to beware of if you make this kit.

Diagonal Tiny House

Truly, Jennifer’s Tiny House.

Click here for deets.

Tiny Victorian House

Okay, there’s a TV in this “Victorian” house, but also a Victrola and sewing table with a wheel and pedal.

I love the colors and the lighting. Check it out.

Tiny Fruit Stand

I thought I’d really enjoy creating all these tiny pieces of fruit. Really it was just gluing a million little stems on a million little beads.

The overall effect is cute, though. Here are the details.

Light Music Tiny Bar

This was a Tiny House disaster, so the less said, the better. If you want details though, here you go.

Sectional Sofa Tiny House

My favorite by far, partly because of the gorgeous textiles and partly because I found a great home for it.

Tiny Sushi Restaurant

Enough said. Although here’s a link with more. 🥳

Doug’s Tiny British Pub

This one-room pub can be hung on a wall; the front swings open to reveal the bar inside. I made it for a friend in a hurry so I could give it to him while visiting him. It’s not the Tiny House of his dreams, but it’s an unusual keepsake, for sure.

Patti’s Tiny Ocean House

This is my first ”commissioned” house for a friend; she picked it, ordered it to be shipped to me, and I’m delivering it when I see her soon. It is coolio, man.

Finn’s Tiny Music Studio

I made this one for my son, Finn, who’s a musician (and a physicist).

Tiny Strange Castle

All the deets on this large, weird one are here: Castle.

Mermaid Tiny House

Underwater house details are in this one post.

Jailhouse Rock Tiny House

All one room Tiny House all in one post.

Tiny Tea House

Check out those railings! Here’s a post about it.

Contemporary Tiny House

Here’s my post all about this house with a Roomba!

Whale Tail Tiny House

Finished while I had Covid, so mixed emotions about this one.

Starting, first floor, second floor, finished.

Matt’s Towel Tiny House

Magic Tiny House

Tiny House in a Globe

Three-story Tiny House

Pink Velvet Tiny House

Waterwheel Tiny House

Rooftop Swimming Pool Tiny House

First Tiny House