What about Your House?

We are asked this a lot.

Our answer: We’re selling it! 

No, we don’t want to keep it as a rental or an investment or a place to come back to in case living on the road doesn’t work out.  This will be a clean transition, baby, from owning a billion things—large and small—to owning what we can fit in the truck and the Airstream.

A favorite “full-timer” family we follow on social media calls themselves, “Less Junk > More Journey,” and I love that sentiment. Many people who live full time on the road say they started with a “big rig” thinking that after they’d struggled to downsize from a home they’d need all the stuff they could possibly travel with. After a year or so on the road, they found that the benefits of having a smaller rig (being able to park in tighter camping spots—and thus visit more places—and being able to maneuver easier) outweighed their desire to have stuff with them.  Less junk, more journey.

This is our entire kitchen, with a fridge to the left and a small storage cabinet above.

So, yes, we’re selling the house!  We have few ties here, so if we need to settle down at any point (or, gasp, decide to), we’ll pick a place based on our lives at that time. We certainly will have traveled enough to have a few favorites picked out.

PS: The photo up top was taken by Google StreetView ages ago.

4 thoughts to “What about Your House?”

  1. I’d love a post on all the administrivia logistics. Where does your mail go? What state do you vote in? etc….

    You’re my heroes, including Banjo!

      1. Yup. Sell. did the math myself and, despite the temptation, am happy to have sold when I did. Good luck!! I miss you guys!!

        1. We’re using your house sale as our example/goal/hopes and dreams! So looking forward to seeing how happy you are in your new life.