Mistakes We’ve Made *Already*

(Plus actual updates on our progress.)

In our zeal to downsize and prep the Airstream, we’ve jumped the gun on several decisions that I regret already. No big deal—some are even amusing.

What We Gave Away

  • Jewelry. Why would I need jewelry for a life on the road? Give it all away! And then I find a perfect little travel jewelry bag online and immediately think about all the pieces I could have taken with me. Many were my sister’s, and I’m a dope.
  • Long underwear. Tracy was so stoked when he learned we could enact this plan much sooner than expected (aka early retirement) that he immediately gave away all his clothes but what he expects to have in the trailer. Um … it’s still winter here.
  • Hats. I’m slower to whittle away at my hard-won clothes (how many years have I curated this group of items that actually fit me and that I like?), but I did give away almost all my winter hats, and then I cut my hair so short I’m now thinking about them longingly. Der.
  • Pots and pans lids. Sold most of the All-Clad. Forgot to keep lids that fit the few we’re taking with us. Uh oh.
  • Oh, and on and on.

What We Bought Prematurely

This list is easy to make: it’s basically everything I’ve bought so far for the inside of the Airstream. I have no idea what’s going to fit in there or how anything will look. I should have waited! For example:

  • Rugs. I shopped and shopped, and it turns out the dimensions someone at the dealership gave me are probably wrong, so I returned what I bought and now will just measure for myself.
  • Instant Pot. Bought a 6 quart; heard it won’t fit anywhere inside the whole trailer; everyone uses a 3 quart. Of course, because we’d already sold most of the All-Clad, we’ve cooked in the 6 quart so we can’t return it.
  • And on and on.

What We’ve Done Right

Tracy has, of course, bought all the things we need to tow the trailer and trick out the truck for maximum storage, plus essential doo dads like a water filtration system, water hoses, wheel chocks, electric converters, a ladder to access the roof, walkie talkies (after I bought the wrong ones first), etc. He’s not impulsive, like someone else in this partnership.

Tracy looking smart, because he is.

Actual News

So, we’re picking up the Airstream next week— YAY! It’ll take two days to pick her up because of the driving to and from the dealership in New Jersey, the technician’s tour we’ll receive, and possibly spending the night in our new home there at the dealership so we can ask questions in the morning.

I sure hope we can swing that! (Weather permitting; you don’t want to sleep in an Airstream in below-freezing temperatures).

Ours is in there somewhere.

And we’ll be parking her in the parking area of a commercial storage facility kind of nearby, where we can do a proper job of fitting her out, in person and not just in my imagination with a bunch of Pinterest ideas and returned purchases.

We Have a Possible Name

And We Have a Timeline

I won’t spill the beans early here in public (already learned that lesson), but we’ve made progress regarding the house, my job, and a plan to skedaddle. Let’s say very early spring. Let’s go!

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    1. Me, too! Looks like we’ll be there in April. When I know more I’ll send you possible dates to meet up – we should be able to make this work. 🙂