Prepping Updates

Okay, I can now provide details about our exact plans and answer friends’ questions. Yay for progress! This is what we know:

  • The house is under contract.
  • The Airstream is in storage nearby.
  • We’re packing the Airstream to take off as soon as I’m done with work: March 20!

The House

If you’re curious about the house sale (like, how did we do that so fast?), ping me. For here, suffice it to say that we did a lot of research and made the right decision for us at this time.

We can now leave any time, because we don’t need to do anything to the house or even be present for the closing. But, we’re hanging around as I finish my tenure at work, continue to sell and give house stuff away, and prep the Airstream.

It’s definitely odd living in a house that we’re emptying. We know what items we want to move to the Airstream, but many items we still need in the house, so we’re in limbo. We’re making progress though: out with what we don’t need at all, and in with Airstream-only stuff.

Airstream Stuff

We have our new home parked near my office, so we’re visiting it frequently to trick it out with shelves and drawers and all manner of storage implements.

Check our the vintage Airstreams parked in our same lot.

For creating storage inside, it’s a challenge. Tracy would love to build shelves inside the few closets we have, since they’re all extra deep, narrow, curved at the top, whatever oddness prevents us from buying shelving systems. But, he already has his hands full with the bigger-picture work (arranging to install solar, buying a generator, figuring out storage in the truck bed), so instead we’re making umpteen trips to the Container Store, doing our best to fit what they offer inside the small spaces.

Here’s a photo of a typical visit to the Airstream. Tracy is on the floor working on something down there (his head is at bottom, center). Our friends Mary Margaret and Bob are laughing as we try to figure out where items are going to go when we don’t even have all the items or the storage containers yet.

Look how happy they are though—we are having fun!

The Frolic

Oh yeah, we sold the Frolic! After a bit of soul-searching, we sold her to relatives whom we know will enjoy her. We’re just hoping they don’t track us down with vengeance as she shows her age. (Just kidding Brandi and Pat—you love us, right?)

There be the updates I have so far.

Again, if you’d like a weekly email with any new blog posts in it, please fill out the Contact Me form (my subscription link isn’t working) or shoot me an email. In less than four weeks we’ll be on the road and I’ll have travel to go with my travel blog!

4 thoughts to “Prepping Updates”

    1. Yes! I’m thinking we need to do a practice move in for each “room” to see what fits and what we need. For example, we’d take everything from the kitchen in the house and see how it works in the trailer, then haul it back to the house (because we can’t fully move in yet). It sounds totally inefficient but it’s the only way I can think to trial run a move so when the time comes we can do it.