Making the Trailer Feel Like Home

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with decorating ever since we bought this trailer. It’s designed well but without any rich color or style, just as you’d prep a house to sell. Neutral.

Of course I want to make this feel like home right from the start. We won’t be spending 24/7 inside (far from it), but we will be sleeping there and hanging out there when it’s rainy or cold or whatever might drive us inside. So it needs a personal feel.

Here are shots of stuff I’ve brought from the house to liven up the Airstream, plus a few things I’ve bought … but really nothing feels like home as much as something you’ve already been living with.

Below are a few chochkies (as Tracy calls them) from home. The clock is there just until we find a more interesting one on our journey, but the mask beside it and the hummingbird are from our trip to Costa Rica, Aroha is a gift from New Zealand, and Tracy brought the dark mask back from Mozambique.

And we made the two rugs from Tracy’s old one in the living room—it’s not symmetric anymore, but it sure helps the otherwise sterile trailer feel more like home.

Add a few places to hang your hat (or scarf), and we’re getting there.

What truly makes it feel like it will be our home though is when friends meet us there. It’s not showing off the Airstream that I enjoy as much as hanging out in our new space with old friends, breaking in the new home with a beer and take-out and people we’re promising we’ll see again down the road.

16 thoughts to “Making the Trailer Feel Like Home”

    1. Thanks Mike! I loved hanging out with you in there – like a welcoming party 🙂 . I owe you beer.

  1. Great to seeing your plan come together! Have an awesome time, and I’m sure Dave and I will cross your path sometime soon.
    Add me to your subscription list. Sometime you’ll have to share your blogging experience with me. My kids suggested I do a blog, but I’m not sure I want to start that kind of commitment. But I do look forward to seeing yours!

    1. Thanks, Renee! Would you start an email chain asking about blogging? I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. You’ll be a natural, and you have so much to tell that I want to read.