Ways the Airstream Fits Me

Of course the Airstream fits me and I love it here—because the people I love are here with me.

My specific point, though (I started with the above so I could use that awesome photo at the top), has to do with the fact that I’m very short—4′ 11″. And you know I do complain about how the world is made to fit someone about a foot taller than I am. Clothes don’t fit, car interiors don’t fit, furniture doesn’t fit.

You can guess where I’m going with this: the Airstream does fit me!

Changing Clothes

Our bedroom (above left) is designed so the bed can be walked around, but I heard right away from people with this model that you can’t really move around the bed; the space is too small.

But guess what? I can actually change clothes beside the bed on my side! And hang my knitting bag, and my workout bag, and store my slippers, and all kinds of tiny-person pleasures.

The same goes for in the bathroom (right)—not only can I change clothes in there, but I can hang a broom and sweeper in the same space. I feel like a genius here.

Taking a Shower

And in the shower, the shower head is designed to just perch up at the top—you’re supposed to lift it off the perch and spray yourself with it by hand. But when we’re not conserving water, I can just stand under it as if it were a regular shower. Bliss.

(That circle thing behind the shower head is where you can pull a laundry line out, attach it to the other side of the shower, and hand lightweight stuff to dry. I can’t get the line to pull out right now but I’ve done it before.)

Storing Stuff

The small storage spaces are tiny opportunities for dollhouse-sized organization.

I have always loved lots of containers—everything in its place—and here that’s a huge advantage because you need to

1) shove all your belongings into this place,

2) know where things are so you’re not always rooting through stuff (I’m working on that), and

3) lock it all down tight when it’s time to hit the road.

For example, this is the small cabinet beside my bed: perfect for my small things. (I have my larger clothes in the cabinet above, where we’re waiting on warmer weather to install the clever shelves Tracy built.)

Yay for small pleasures!

3 thoughts to “Ways the Airstream Fits Me”

  1. love this. I saw how cool being petite is when I watched you go headfirst into the back of the truck when you were unloading stuff at my house.You are the perfect airstream size!