Early Spring in the Campground

Spring seems to start later in the woods than in neighborhoods. Here it’s still just tiny signs, and I haven’t seen any of the gorgeous flowers that friends are posting photos of. I did see blooming trees last week, but that was when we were driving back from picking up groceries.


The Woods

I took these pictures on my walk this morning: it was still a little dark and grey outside, but I could see signs of buds and even the beginnings of green leaves among all the brown.

(Believe it or not, I have an iPhone SE, so my photos aren’t great even if I had skills.)

The Bloodroot is from Tracy’s superior phone, and the deer skull he found and placed up where Banjo wouldn’t easily find it. Probably the same deer with parts throughout the woods right there.

The wild rhododendron is just barely showing signs of growth.

The Pond

The pond at the campground curves away to the left, with a larger beach and boat launch. I hope the weather breaks so we can get the kayaks in the water in the next couple of weeks.

Folks were fishing here this past weekend and Tracy brought fishing gear, but I don’t know if he does pond fishing—maybe only river fishing with flies. I have a lot to learn about fishing.

Banjo enjoys getting in the water just enough to get really dirty, but so far we haven’t seen her swim. Maybe that’s a blessing seeing as how we have to clean her off so thoroughly before we’ll let her back in the trailer.

The Campsites

These are all vacant big-rig sites that were almost full over the weekend; I counted seven huge campers hooked up here at once. They all left Sunday, and maybe it’ll be June before they come back.

Virginia did close campgrounds here (thank goodness) but there seems to be a caveat for reservations made for more than 14 days. We have reservations for more than a month, plus our campground is the permanent home for many people, so I think we’re safe.

Obligatory dumpster shot

This is the aftermath of a weekend here! The wind kept blowing off the tops of the dumpsters yesterday, and Tracy would push them back up using a branch, but then the wind got them again.

The trash trucks should show up today, hopefully before the wind picks up again or the crows get braver and we have a huge germ-filled mess in front of our site.

Dumpster excitement! I’ll be sure to keep you informed. 🙂

3 thoughts to “Early Spring in the Campground”

    1. Spring will really transform this place, and there are trees between us and the dumpsters 🙂

  1. Looks wonderful. However the cherry blossoms in Baker Park are also quite spectacular as are the rhododendrun at Gambrill State Park. Zack and I go to a different park every day just to stay sane. Miss you and and so happy for your excursion! Marie