An Exciting Day in the Campground, Truly

Yesterday was full of entertainment!

We took a lunch of sesame noodles and stir fry out to that tiny island at the end of the lake and enjoyed the sun quite a lot.

First, though, I had to dig through this to find a short-sleeved shirt! Found it. I disrupted only about a month’s worth of stored stuff in the process.

When we got back from the picnic is when the real excitement began. I was just about to wash dishes from the sesame noodles stir fry (an extraordinary amount) when, huh, no water.

That’s when I looked out and saw the crew hard at work digging where they’d been working on a broken electric line yesterday. They must’ve cut the water line in the process and now were trying to find and repair the damage.

Of course I walk out there and stand around awkwardly because I’m curious about what’s going on, but I don’t want to look like a snotty, disgruntled customer, but I also don’t want to lend a hand because it’s 75 degrees out and these guys are digging in red clay. I just stand around until someone apologizes to me (which is not why I was there) so I go back to our “porch” to sit.

And that turned out to be the front-row seat for the next excitement. This huge tractor trailer pulled up the front driveway, with a cop car as escort and met by several campground golf carts. Much discussion ensued.

Finally the truck drove right up across from us and unhitched this baby!

One of the campground owners took a break from looking for the water leak to come out and admire the tiny house, so that gave me an in to talk with her. Her adult daughter now lives with her and her husband in the campground, and it’s rough (as with everyone with teen and adult kids living with them these days, mine excepted!) so her daughter saved up and bought this tiny house.

They have a lot set aside for it in the back, but until the foundation is ready, they’re leaving it parked in front of us. I don’t mind at all: it’s adorable, and I wish there were no virus so I could see inside. Maybe I’ll take a peek soon, if I can without looking like a creep.

I already feel like Gladys Kravitz as it is.

4 thoughts to “An Exciting Day in the Campground, Truly”

  1. Wow. Sounds pretty exciting. By which I mean “mature adult exciting.” Like me, I used to get excited doing a lot exciting shit. But now, I’m mature, and dandelions are exciting again. Like when I was a kid. And no dandelion ever broke my heart or disappointed me. But in the day I hit more than one electric line with a trencher. NOW that’s exciting, but more in the “Shit, I survived that. Now I gotta fix it. And I can’t hide this event. So this is gonna double suck.” And the tiny home is very cool. Probably a mansion, given all yall’s new dimensions for living. I admire your adventure. Don’t miss Yellow River Forest, a favorite Iowa camping and trout fishing spot along the Mississippi. If you’ve never hiked the Effigy Mounds National Park, gone to Pike’s Peak (In Iowa [same Pike though]) (All favorites from my youth as a scout.) Newer in National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is a wonderful gem along the Mile Wide as well. Love this updates!

    1. I’m going to take Shelly to all those old haunts. Hoping things start getting better so that we can say hi to you from closer than 6 feet before the end of summer. I’m guessing your repairs of trencher mishaps were a bit better than these amateurs. They never bothered to flush the pipes after the repairs. FYI, red clay will pass right through a 20 micron water filter and turn drinking water a nice shade of pink.

  2. Oooh I would love to see inside the tiny house!! That is an exciting day.
    Was your water service returned?

    1. Yep! The didn’t flush the red clay out, so Tracy had to run both lines for an hour each, but now the water is coming in clean. Tiny house update tomorrow maybe!