Interior Improvements, Cont’d

Yeah, that photo above has nothing to do with this post. But I’m tired of thinking about inside, probably like most of you. I know that those of us stuck at home are lucky to have a home to be stuck in, and some of us are fortunate to be working from home and not out where we’re exposed or sick. But still, argh with the home!

So above is a pleasant reminder of the a bit of time yesterday when the weather was not pouring rain or windy as all get-out or just plain cold.

This being-inside business has been a strain for me (I won’t speak for Tracy) not just because I’m in a super-small space that’s new to me, but also because we truly hadn’t planned or even envisioned being inside much. The plan is, literally, “going where the climate suits our clothes”—eating and relaxing outside, plus of course doing things outside, active things. Any things! Just not yet.

So, in the meantime, also probably like some of you, we’re cleaning and making small improvements.

Gluing Stuff

Tracy’s been waiting for the weather to be consistently above 50 degrees F so a serious adhesive will stick to the walls here, and that finally happened.

Yay for this magnetic knife strip he glued to the wall behind the stovetop! Now our one kitchen-gadgets drawer is freed-up enough so you don’t risk your life putting your hand in there to find something.

And yes, those knives are fancy, and we have way more than we need (I inherited them from my sister who was a natural at cooking). MM, the first on the left is going to your house next time we do laundry—thanks again!

Tracy’s second glue job has been these shelves. I’d posted about them previously, but now mine are firmly in place, and amazingly I have nearly all the clothes I brought with me stored on my side of the bed.

Again, this is thanks to Tracy, since he also installed those sliding drawers under the bed (below).

I realize right now things are all tidy and folded due to me having way too much time on my hands. I”m seriously looking forward to the day when I’m spending so much time outside that I just throw my stuff in here and shut the doors and drawers best I can and get back outside.

Improving Stuff

This doesn’t look like much, but we needed somewhere to put important papers (like the manual to the oven, which we still need to flip through every time we use it).

The fridge isn’t magnetized, so I bought a magnet board and stuck it on there using those command strips you can see obnoxiously sticking out from the edges. I don’t care: I so glad to get these papers off the few flat surfaces we have and create more wall-space storage.

I mean, we’re going to have a new campground map every time we pull into a new campground, so I better get used to looking at it.

And finally I finished the curtain between the bedroom and the hallway.

I mentioned earlier that I feel like we needed this since I get up hours before Tracy (just because of my crap sleeping habits; he’s awesome smart for being able to sleep in). And because Banjo sleeps right at the foot of the bed and needs to move around, we can’t use a firm divider there.

So with my DIY sewing skills and the one bobbin of black thread and needle I happened to pack with me, I hemmed this. All by by myself! It works, too. (By which I mean I’m tricked into feeling like I’m able to bang around in the trailer while Tracy sleeps, even though he doesn’t need this flimsy curtain because he sleeps well. Still, it works for me and for Banjo, who oddly isn’t in any photos today.)

Decorating Stuff

Oh, and the window clings.

I keep ordering these things (and putting stress on an already-stressed shipping system) to stick to the sliding cabinet doors because I’m spending hours inside staring up at all the crap we have shoved in the cabinets, and I’d rather not see that stuff.

The clings are almost impossible to gauge what they look like from pictures online, though. My previous attempt (below) is cool-looking when the sun shines directly on it, but it reveals all the stuff in the cabinet, which defeats the purpose.

The blue flowered ones are pretty but too grandmotherly for me. Still, they hide the stuff.

As I mentioned to Tracy—whose superpower (one of many) is an inexhaustible ability to sit quietly indoors as needed, reading and doing paperwork—this is an inexpensive way to keep me from going crazy.

Okay … you guys take care, of yourselves and everyone else.

And let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me blog about. Have any questions about our (planned) lifestyle, or how we’re managing, or about our trailer itself? As the cool kids say, AMA [ask me (almost) anything].

4 thoughts to “Interior Improvements, Cont’d”

  1. I love the grandmotherly blue one with the birds on/near it. Also love your curtain. Great job on that!

    1. The hummingbirds are from a paper mobile Tracy acquired in a former life – I love them too!

  2. I wonder about Yoga Shelly, this kind of inner peace preventing one from going crazy? Even if “sort of” bad weather outside, can you do Yoga outside, too?
    Love -Li

    1. Hi Li! I have been doing yoga outside, plus other workouts. Plus walking, which I like the best 🙂 You’re right – all helps prevent going bonkers!