Recent Photos

Finally, we had a couple of sunny, warm days, and living in the Airstream felt like I had imagined.

Front Porch

Pure coincidence!
Imagine a slight breeze and birds singing.
Sunset in our faces.
My workout spot.


I got out by myself and did some practicing.

Morning Walk

Tracy’s New Camera Lens

Inside (on less-than-perfect-weather days)

Banjo’s Vogue pose.
Knitting in the quiet.

You guys, please keep staying safe.

7 thoughts to “Recent Photos”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Great to know you guys are well. Beer supply holding up?

    1. No problems on the beer front. We can order online and get curbside pickup from Beer Run in Charlottesville. Plenty of local beers. Only issue is that due to storage considerations in the trailer we only get cans; no bottles. Six-foot hugs to Kenga and India-Rose.

  2. Cool. I have dreams of trying to hide beer bottles in the river but probably not worth the effort;)

  3. Really sorry your trip started out in the Times of the Virus. However…these shots look more like what we all expected. It has been an amazing year here in the sierra foothills for flowers. Gigantic blooms…