To See America, You See Americans

I thought I was done thinking about Shawnee here in southern Ohio, but I’ve got one last entry about the weekend in this campground.  

Things Tracy and I have said just in the last 24 hours:

I never thought I’d want to call the police twice in one week.

I hope that entire family gets poison ivy.

As if the next-best way to get cool after not wearing a shirt is putting on a black leather vest. 

See those neon lights in the woods?  That’s where the rave was.

Don’t they know they’ve driven that dog insane?

You’re right: the lake is child stew.

Ohio fought for the Union, right? So when you’re showing a Confederate flag, there’s only one thing you’re saying. 

Next time we end up at a campground on a weekend with this many people, I’m not leaving the trailer.

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