Kayaking Our Corner of Lake Superior

This wide-open water is one of the reasons we brought the ocean kayaks—they move quickly so you can paddle from a ho-hum spot where you’ve put in to a more spectacular spot like one of the many islands around here. Tracy had in mind us kayaking out several miles to the famous Apostle Islands, but I’m not yet confident enough to risk being that far out in case wind picks up and it’s a rough paddle back. There are plenty of sights to see closer to the campsite though!

One morning we paddled alongside the shore here for a couple of hours and saw several sandstone outcroppings and small caves.

The rich rock colors and dramatic shapes revealed by erosion are lovely, and it’s neat to get up close to them where you can hear the SLOG sound of water smacking against rock and see swallows go in and out of their mud nests above.

Well, I let Tracy do the tricky maneuvering right next to the rocks while I take pictures. 🙂

There’s a huge variety of houses along this bay, from the giant ones with elaborate decks on the water to older ones up on cliff sides with nothing but precarious long stairways down to sheer drops into the lake.

We saw families waist-deep, playing in the water in the middle of the day, and plenty of folks paddle boarding, canoeing, even a couple out in a John boat with oars and a kid in between them. I love how people here are outside so much.

The sky seems to be brilliant every moment, and the water dark from tannin reflects beautifully.

The next time we go out we’re going to paddle straight for the next town over and go under a bridge inland to try to get in some marshy areas where there should be different types of birds.

You guys stay safe!

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