Goodbye Premium @ Superior!

Today’s our last day camped directly on this little bay (you can see the thin peninsula that forms it in the photo above). Here are my straggler photos from the final few days.


Banjo likes to walk along the ATV trail and hunt for small critters and blackberries.
This tiny island right was surrounded by fog on my last morning walk.
A direct shot of last night’s sunset was blocked by trees behind the campground, but we caught this reflection.

Blueberry Picking

Tracy tastes the local fruit.

Complex Problem-solving

Problem: Drift.
Solution: Rope.

Using the Propane Firepit in the Tent

We kept checking the amount of heat build-up at the ceiling, but it never got too hot up there.
It did warm up in the tent quite wonderfully.

You Were Good to Us, Washburn Campground!

Tomorrow we’re heading east along the lake’s coast to Ontonagon, Michigan, near the Porcupine Mountains.

Scoring a lake-front site at this next campground sounds a lot like getting Grateful Dead tickets: we’re going to have to be patient and employ good timing. Wish us luck, too!

2 thoughts to “Goodbye Premium @ Superior!”

  1. Love the firepit in the tent and loved all the blueberries! It will be hard to leave this beautiful spot.