Watching the Ducks Go By

That’s about as exciting as this campground gets. Of course Banjo’s all over that. These ducks are used to being fed by campers so they creep up to our lawn chairs as we’re having coffee and tea, and then, explosion! when they flutter away from Banjo. 

Her favorite morning activity, no matter where we are, is to find a sunny spot to lie in, preferably with a view. 

Really, isn’t that everyone’s favorite morning activity? 

Things are very slow here.  We got out on the lake in the kayaks just this morning, but a thunderstorm drove us back from exploring the little river that feeds into it.

I got a lesson in hard paddling as thunder rumbled over the lake; we were far back in the little river and needed to get off the water before that storm hit. Plus the generator was running back at the truck.  Everything got just a wee bit soaked.  

There’s no hiking here, just a forest service path through the woods, admittedly with more than its fair share of mushrooms.

Just like the last place were we, the only reason you come here is to fish. Which cuts down on the scooter-riding children and the partying young people, for sure.  

So we’re watching the ducks, and looking out for bald eagles and otters, and listening to the loons.


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