Time to Migrate South

Lake Superior is so alive and accessible and multifaceted. The NorthWoods are lush and cool. The culture is a type of weird I’ve never encountered.

But it was 47 degrees this morning when I walked Banjo, so it’s time to go!

Apple, My Overlord

I’ve spent several hours every day sucking up our precious cell data to find a replacement for my MacBook. It was hard enough to decide on a device since I have such different uses for a computer these days, but even harder to find one that I could get my eager hands on.

Apple stores in the Midwest are open by appointment only, and I couldn’t get one of those far enough out to stake a campground reservation on, so I had to research and imagine and just pick one online.

Then find it! The iPad I want kept selling out by the time I could access the pickup window when I knew I would be in that city. And forget shipping: I don’t trust the post office general delivery right now (when you get a package delivered to a post office desk), and the last time we had mail sent to us from our service in Texas it went to the wrong address (Banjo thanks you for forwarding her meds to us, Doug!).

So, whatever. I had to pick a device with more storage and fancy stuff than I need because it was the only one I could figure out how to actually get. Maybe this is another way Apple rules us all.

The Next 10 Days

We’re on our way to a campground in Wisconsin that Tracy used to visit as a kid when he spent time with his grandparents. It’s partway to Minneapolis, which is where my iPad is waiting for me.

Through a stroke of amazing luck, we got the campsite outside Minneapolis for five days over Labor Day weekend; it was the only open site and must’ve been a cancellation.

Banjo’s Cool with It

If you’re still reading, I’ll reward you with Banjo’s voice. This is her excited to go (anywhere).

See you where it’s warmer!