Tip: Know Which State You’re in Before You Critique It

I’m in Minnesota, and but I’ve gotten that wrong twice now:

  • when complimenting the helpful associate at an AT&T store while she was hooking me up with unlimited cell service on my new iPad, and 
  • when complaining to the company that fixed my iPhone screen but screwed up three parts in the process.

I won’t bore you with the details of our day of running errands, but as it pertains to this blog, I did realize these errand days should have a category of their own. Traffic, people, masks, yuck. They remind me how lucky I am to be living here instead.

The campground we were in is quite nice: secluded, level sites; practically manicured roads and walking/biking paths; and electric and water at our site. Woohoo for a shower!

We were there though only when not driving around and around Minneapolis, so maybe we’ll go back one day.

Tracy did have time to cook up an excellent chili, outside in case it overflowed. Ben F, I served mine on spaghetti with cheese. Yum!

And we did get about 1 1/2 hours of relaxing one evening with the propane fire pit. With whippoorwills flitting from tree top to tree top around us in the dark.

Next up: New Ulm, also in Minnesota. I’ll get more practice thinking about where I am there.