Missouri: Where are my warm lakes and bright sunsets?!?

Our last night was at that Swan Lake state park where we stayed just one night, which was thoroughly undocument-worthy. We did pull over in Iowa to make grilled cheese sandwiches (Tracy is brilliant with these, adding toasted dried onion) at lovely little town park.

Too bad it was so cold and windy we could hardly stand walking Banjo!

Bad Dog

She got her revenge this morning at this little private campground in Missouri. It was (and still is) 48 degrees and drizzling, and I was walking her by the stagnant pond between the trailers and the woods.

Suddenly, a critter pops up out of the grass right in front of her and leaps into the water at the edge of the pond, and of course Banjo wantonly leaps in after.

Dark green and black algae. Muck. All Over The Dog.

Did I mention it’s 48 degrees outside?

We had to give her a shower outside the trailer while all three of us were shivering, and not only did she not get fully clean, but I got my one pair of jeans soaking wet. Banjo!

New Toy

One good thing to come out of all the errands we’ve been running is that we now have a way to stream video when it’s cold and rainy, like right freaking now.

I was able to get an unlimited cell plan attached to the iPad, which means as long as we can grab a little AT&T signal, I can stream to it. Above we’re watching Phish’s Dinner and a Movie weekly concert stream from the tent, YAY!

I can also connect the iPad to the TV in the Airstream via an HDMI cable, which hugely increases our vegging options when the weather sucks.

Last night I was trying to get a picture of my favorite RV full-timers, Less Junk, More Journey, who tell viewers on their YouTube channel all about the mistakes they make on the road, which always makes me feel better about my own mistakes.

Like not keeping my wild dog away from a mucky pond! She’s significantly cleaner and more dry right now, but she smells. Maybe there’s a drive-through dog wash around here.

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