Too Busy for Alligators

We leave this national forest north of Houston today to go just a little east to the Escapees’ campground, where we’ll take care of more business (we hope). So, I don’t have a ton of time to catch you guys up: consider this more a photo entry.

Cagle Recreation Area

This really is a pretty place, with a large lake and many multi-use trails, just a half-hour north of the northern Houston (House-ton, as Google Maps calls it) suburbs.

People seem to come here to hunt as much as fish: we saw a couple walk back to their campsite one morning wearing camp and carrying their bows.

Bummer is that we just haven’t had time to do more than look at the trail heads and maps. In fact, we’d been here about six days when we opted to take a break from errands/housekeeping to walk down to the lake, and that’s when we discovered a sweet little trail and this warning.

Really? Could that be the source of these dragging marks through the woods to the water?

Probably not. But you know what, Banjo did weird out in the woods a few times with me!


So we went to our kazillion appointments with success, although I need to make another dentist trip to take care of failing fillings, and I definitely don’t want to go back to the dentist here whom I picked blindly (and badly). Anyone know a good dentist in Naples?

We also washed and waxed the Airstream, since the layers of bugs and dust were getting too thick. Remember that we tow this thing over dirt roads and then let it sit under pine trees. And an Airstream is an investment, so you’ve gotta keep ‘er in shape.

It takes basically two days for both of us to do this job, which would be a lot more fun if we were in someone’s driveway and able to blare Van Halen. As it is, we’re trying to be discreet while not breaking our necks.

We did cause a problem then solve a problem before the trailer inspection next week. Well, I probably caused it whereas Tracy solved it.

I squirted water into the electrical extension cord most likely, at the front of the trailer where it connects to the truck when hitched. That caused a connection to be formed in the rear taillight that we could see only when walking back from the tent at night after playing cards.

We didn’t know what was making this light turn on—wish I’d taken a picture of it glowing mysteriously in the dark!

Tracy somehow deduced that the cord was the problem, then just set it out in the sun for the water inside to evaporate. We think the problem’s solved—to be determined for sure during inspection coming up.

What else have we been up to?

We added three removable walls to the tent so we can block out sun, wind, rain, and neighbors! when we want to. Makes for great privacy when I work out.

Tracy discovered that the sandy ground here makes it easy to put up a beach umbrella.

Don’t let these images fool you: Tracy has done the majority of the work while we’re here: driving, calling, arranging, ladder-climbing, problem-solving. That’s why he gets the hammock. 🙂

PS from The Show

For any of you who stuck it out through my trip down memory lane with Karen, here’s a picture of us probably before we started The Show.

Karen found it in her stash. That’s yet another good thing that good friends are good at!

You guys stay safe, and give ‘em hell.

2 thoughts to “Too Busy for Alligators”

  1. Love the tent picture! I think I want one for my back yard, but that can wait till spring.Our” watering things that shouldnt be watered” adventure this week, was Pat overcleaning the remote which resulted in a dead remote. I didnt mind missing the news for a few days but I did miss my netflix shows.Water and electronics-wiring, does not mix well.