Banjo’s Day at the Beach

Yep, here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi Banjo encountered the beach for the first time (as far as we know).

First she ran around like a maniac.

So did Tracy.

Then she walked out in the water (actually, waded like a lady) but thought swimming might take more effort than it’s worth.

Finally, she lay in the sand beside us and watched the birds.

Just like Tracy.

RICE Method

I did none of that frolicking; I had to sit in a beach chair with my foot elevated because I’d just twisted my ankle.

Ironically, earlier I’d ducked into a shoe store because I’m thinking of starting running (those Nike workout app routines are getting boring), and when I left (shoes were too expensive), I stepped off the sidewalk funny and fell on the pavement. I can’t believe no one saw me.

So now I’m Resting, Icing, Compressing (with my robe belt), and Elevating.

Outrunning Zeta

Because I do want to be mobile if we have to change our travel plans and drive away from the path of this hurricane quickly.

Our reservations for the times around landfall require us to head east along the Gulf Coast, in the yellow and light green. We’re leaving Mississippi tomorrow as planned, but we’ll check NOAA’s forecast first thing in the morning to see if we need to skip one of our stops and just high-tail it to the safety of the dark green in Florida.

Tracy’s got Plan A, B, and C at the ready, so don’t worry about us. I’ll just be limping along, brushing the last of the sand out of Banjo’s coat.

2 thoughts to “Banjo’s Day at the Beach”

  1. Oh no! Get better soon! I twisted my ankle in a very similar manoeuvre while we were away and it really does put a damper on things.

    1. Today the swelling’s almost gone, hurray! At least I’m not on a hiking-type vacation like you were on, yikes.