Fun on Wheels

That’s what a local called us as he strolled through the campground this morning.

He said he always wanted to do something like this, but he’s not “brave” enough. I heard the same thing yesterday while on the phone with an accountant (turns out I have to re-file my mom’s taxes): by his description of how long he’s been working with the IRS, he’s maybe 20 years older than me, and he sounded mighty wistful. He wants to drive an RV and pull a houseboat.

When it comes down to it, I can’t count how many times people have said, “Man, I always wanted to do what you’re doing.” But they don’t because their spouse doesn’t like the idea. Or they want to stay close to kids or grandkids. Or they can’t leave the place where their jobs are.

Tracy and I do fall right in the sweet spot for all the criteria needed to live on the road. I wonder how many of these people do too, except for the “brave” part. For me it would have taken huge courage to stay put once I had the itch to get on the road. I couldn’t control myself!

Heeding the Tropical Storm, Again

Today we’re leaving Coe Landing outside of Tallahassee, Florida, headed closer to Gainesville where Tracy’s sister lives. We were due to leave yesterday, but Tropical Storm Eta charged through central Florida so we stayed put, away from the winds that we don’t want to drive through or sit through with branches falling on us.

Even though there are only two other campers in this campground here, we still felt like squatters yesterday because it was Veteran’s Day so we couldn’t notify the county that we were staying past our reservation.

I called all three numbers on the county phone list (including dispatch for 911, by accident—the number wasn’t described as being that on the voice message) and couldn’t get any person (other than a pissed-off emergency dispatcher). So at least one of us stayed around the campsite throughout the day in case someone showed up with actual reservations for our spot.

Because, it’s a nice spot. And we wouldn’t want to gyp anyone out of their vacation time. Worst-case scenario, we could have hitched up and driven into one of the Walmarts in Tallahassee to spend the night.

When I did get someone on the phone this morning, she said our spot is called for today. So we’re packing up and heading out.

Good thing, really. Before we knew we’d want to stay longer to avoid the storm, we’d been all crazy with water use into the black waste tank (the bathroom sink and toilet), and today the indicator says 100% full. Had we known we would try to eek out two more days, we’d have washed our hands in the kitchen sink all the time, and I certainly wouldn’t have cleaned the toilet bowl (that puts more water in the black tank, too). Extravagances!

So, after we load up and hitch up, we’ll dump the tanks here at the campground dump station, say goodbye to this sweet sweet camp spot, and head south. Fun on wheels!

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