I Feel Like Oedipus

Just the “I can’t escape my fate” part, not the “marry my mother, kill my father, then poke out my eyes” part.

We’re in Naples to get solar panels and lithium batteries installed on the Airstream, so we’re at an RV park just a couple of miles down the road from the solar installation place.

We’re here for the night; tomorrow we drop off the Airstream and then stay in Naples at an AirBnB place for the five days of installation.

This morning I log into the AirBnB app to get the deets on what place I picked, and lo and behold, it’s a freaking trailer in a trailer park.

And not just any trailer park, the one we’re staying in tonight!

To my credit, the listing says “cottage,’ and the exact location wasn’t released until after I made the reservation—and I have so many reservations in my inbox that I didn’t dig into this one until now.

These trailers above are two of the several rental ones here, and they look okay from the outside.

The question is: Am I fated forever to live in a trailer?!? I was seriously looking forward to a few days of being able to spread my arms out and spin around the living room without injuring myself. I don’t know why that’s my big goal, but it is.

Well, each of these “cottages” does have a huge hot water tank, so I get long showers, every single day if I want. And each has a washer and dryer, so we’re taking basically all the clothes we own plus sheets and towels and the dog bed: everything I care to wash at my leisure and not while in a laundromat wearing a mask.

I’m not sure what else I’m packing, but I need to be doing that right now instead of blogging. We’ve been in the Airstream since March with no nights away, and suddenly I can’t think what I would need for a week.

Basically, everything in this trailer! Certainly all that’s in our fridge and freezer, since the Airstream will be without power while the tech dude is, you know, working on the power.

So first thing in the morning, we load up the truck with our laundry, a cooler full of food, and, I don’t know … cards? Our board game? And we drop the trailer off then head back to this trailer park and see what’s in store next.

4 thoughts to “I Feel Like Oedipus”

    1. Thanks! Also, thanks for prompting me to see what this post was about; I saw that it was missing the top image, which I just added. Oops.

  1. “Just the “I can’t escape my fate” part, not the “marry my mother, kill my father, then poke out my eyes” part. ” hahahahahahaaha….I seriously look forward to Friday mornings and these posts. Also…good for you for turning off the TV. Give Banjo a scratch for me.

    1. Thanks so much Melissa! Banjo gets no scratch this morning because a bear sighting kept her from pooping during her morning walk. She’s in quarantine until she’ll go out again without hackles up!