Florida Version of Best-yet Campground?

Over the summer we ended up spending three weeks in Washburn, Wisconsin because we happened upon a county campground on Lake Superior that suited us so well. After only a few days here in Bonita Springs, Florida, I’m thinking this place hits some of the same sweets spots.

Good Neighbor

This is Liz’s camper. She’s lived here for ten years; before that she and her husband travelled the U.S. and Europe.

This is the spot between Liz and us. She invited us to enjoy the chairs and view anytime.

Good Site

We don’t need to take her up on that though, because we have our own good spot. A paved and private front yard.

And a wild back yard.

We watch the herons and egrets, the sunset. I workout in privacy behind the trailer. Banjo sunbathes. We eat lunch at the picnic table together, watching the sunlight through the Spanish miss. This is good.

Good Amenities

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m digging the extras here. A heated pool!

An empty dog park.

Launching the kayaks within a short walk. (Tracy went to scout it out; his report is a thumbs-up.)

A Nearby Walkable Town

I rode my bike to the post office this morning and Tracy rode to buy fresh fish for lunch. And I hear from Google Maps there’s a brewery within biking distance with a huge beer garden. We said we’d stay away from commercial places like that, but the pictures of the beer garden make it look like a football field. Maybe we’ll do a bike-by.

You add up a relaxed community, large(ish) campsites, people who live here instead of go crazy on the weekend here, privacy, a happy dog, full hook-ups, mail service, and corn-hole across the street, and we may be hard-pressed to leave.

We chose to stay three weeks on Lake Superior; we have three weeks left in our reservation here. Let’s see if finding ways to enjoy a static spot pays off as well as choosing a place for just as long.

And if that’s not confusing enough, you should see our plans for after Christmas!

3 thoughts to “Florida Version of Best-yet Campground?”

  1. Looking great Shelly, a huge difference from a cold wet rainy Stockholm, no snow in sight.
    But I wonder about that wild back yard? Is,t there snakes, reptiles and crockodiles there?

    1. No snow in Stockholm!?!
      So far here we’ve seen lots of big water birds and an otter, plus a few turtles. We hear there are alligators sometimes and manatees, but no luck so far. Other campgrounds have had plenty of alligators though, so I’m not eager to see them again. We keep Banjo on a short leash! I also saw a bear at the last place, and we’ve seen coyotes. The real treat will be the elusive Florida panther, which our neighbors at the last campground heard but did not see.