Photo Update on Sunshine Key

I’ve felt this strange way before, when the outside world is in utter turmoil, and here I am on vacation. This is another aspect of full-time RV life I will get used to.

So I’ll resort to blogging as I have in the past in these situations, with photos and just short descriptions.

Pictured behind us here is one of only two flamingos currently in the U.S.; I’m sorry you can’t see it! I felt so moved by watching it simply stand in the water, quietly fishing, that I took a photo just to remind myself.

Here’s another photo that doesn’t do the scene justice, but I like it nonetheless.

There’s a wild area of our small RV-covered key that I like to walk out to each morning and watch the sunrise from.

And we did get on the water here for the first time today. Tracy took pictures because my phone was drying out from me splashing it by accident while being awestruck by a sunrise.


I’m getting the hang of the RV park. For the first few days I felt like I was trying to find my seat at a concert when the lights had gone down. I know our trailer’s here somewhere! Finally, I figured out that we’re on Dolphin Lane, not Porpoise Lane.

There are 300 sites here. Some look quite different; many look the same.

Speaking of tiny, we rearranged the area beside us so we could fit the kayaks on the ground, and now we get more direct sun in the tent.

Banjo’s feeling much more relaxed about the place. She really like the sun.

You all, please keep staying safe.

2 thoughts to “Photo Update on Sunshine Key”

  1. Hi Shelly


    Indeed, there was a complete mayhem at the beginning of the week around here! But we gotta be hopeful that everything is going to be ok.

    I love the place you are right now #vitaminsea 😅 how many weeks are planning to stay there? Banjo seems sooo relax 😎.

    Keep sharing your adventures!

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re okay there – my thoughts have been on my DC friends for sure.

      We have reservations for six weeks here, but if we can add to that for a full three months, we might. Depends on what campsites become available. VitaminSea for the win!