Scrap Photos

At the magazine where I worked last, the designer and I would keep folders of images we had permission to use but hadn’t used yet. Here are my scrap photos from this week.

Sunrises and Sunsets from the Campground

Hiking on Big Pine Key

The geology of the lower keys is unique, with a very few fresh water lenses sitting on top of salt water layers. It’s cool—look it up. (I’m feeling like photos today, not explanations.)

I will add that below is an endangered Pine Deer; there are only 700-800 of them left, and they live on only two Keys (Big Pine and No Name). Of course these Keys have neighborhoods on them as well as a bar right off the road, exactly where we saw two deer.

I also saw a sign counting the number of deer killed in the road in the past year (it was something like 96 in 2020).

Tracy’s Underwater Camera

He was kayaking and just slipped his hand under the surface of the water to take these. Amazing.

I keep hearing of a friend here and then a friend there who’s gotten vaccinated. I hope that’s you!

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