Bahia Honda and Airstreamers

I have a half hour to put this post together in the free time I have before Friday morning’s email goes out. Wait, you heard that right: I don’t have much free time because … [drumroll] … we’re walking over to have happy hour with two Airstream couples in a bit. In real life! People! Socializing!

My heroic story is that I was biking in the RV park a couple of nights ago and spotted two new Airstreams parked across from each other, and the two couples from them were chatting in the street, about, yes, Airstreams. So of course I skidded to a stop and joined in.

That’s how Tracy and I met the charming Mooch and Sherri from Chattanooga, or I should say lately from there, now full timers like us. In fact they moved into their Airstream in April, about when we did.

Tracy and Mooch went fishing this morning (I’ll explain later what the heck this is):

And I showed Sherri some basics about her ukulele that she took on the road but hasn’t learned to play yet. I’m with you Sherri, except that I haven’t learned how to drive the truck yet.

We’re meeting them and another couple in a few minutes so I’ll get on with this post.

Bahia Honda

The weather has been incredible here; I’m reluctant to even mention it with the cold that friends complain about everywhere else. But here it’s been 80 during the day and 75 at night. Can you imagine?

We biked to the State Park today just to see what’s up. Beauty is what’s up.

I took the above shot from the old railroad bridge that had been washed away in a hurricane. You can see how clean the sand is on top of the fossilized coral. I wonder if they truck in the sand or if the coral grinds down naturally. It feels trucked in, frankly; it’s that soft.

Obligatory selfie where our heads block out the beautiful sailboat I was trying to show you.

And below is a professional sand sculptor at work. Up close the detail is very cool. But you have to risk the ire of the poor guy who gets asked the same questions by all bystanders.

Like, “Do you think your mom would have guessed you’d make your living doing this?”

My Very Own Music Video


I spent one afternoon on the secluded end of the lagoon videoing myself playing ukulele, and I might pepper the videos throughout the last of these posts from the Keys.

Warning: wind makes the sound quality terrible, but considering the mistakes I make playing and singing (because: recording), that’s probably a good thing.

Okay, you guys stay safe!

11 thoughts to “Bahia Honda and Airstreamers”

  1. My dear friend, I miss you too! A couple of things:
    1) love your hair, and the tan you and Tracy are getting from the beautiful sun in Bahia Honda.
    2) Your new friends sound like lovely people! Is so cool you are sharing some ukulele knowledge with Sherri.
    And, 3) OMG you have a great voice!! Do you often serenade Tracy?
    I enjoy reading your adventures guys.Keep sending me emails.
    I miss you Shelly (Charlie) 😅😘

    1. Sweet sweet Arlem!
      1) I haven’t cut my hair since I last saw you, although I don’t think you saw it when it was long (before I got it locked). It has a ways to go to get long again!
      2) Aren’t new friends the best? I still consider you that since we missed so much time we could have spent together. There is still time 🙂
      3) This is why I call you sweet! I do sing a lot these days but ask Tracy not to listen as it makes me mess up.
      I miss being called Charlie and I miss you, too! Keep up the lovely influencer photos. You’re influencing me. 🙂

  2. You’ve come a long way with the ukulele, such a good video and the background 😍 And foreground for that matter.

    So given that you and Tracy and your new friends are clearly twins do you think there is a type who takes to the road in an Airstream and are you it?

    1. Isn’t the twin thing hilarious? I do think there is a type. Sherri runs membership in an Airstream club and explained those to me. Maybe one day we’ll be persuaded to join.

      Thanks for the video encouragement – are you serious? I decided not to post the other videos out of fear I was deluding myself that they were consumable.

  3. Okay! I love this entry and I’m not surpricesed! “Spotted two new Airstreams parked across from each other, and the two couples from them were chatting in the street, about, yes, Airstreams. So of course I skidded to a stop and joined in.” I mean… this is so very much you Shelly as I know you and it matters. I can feel that you are good out there in your Airstream. This about video and singing… well of course you sholud! But turn your your head and eyes to the audience once and a while, WE WANT TO SEE YOU!!!