2 States, 2 Doses!

I’m writing this post a few hours before we get in the truck to drive an hour across South Carolina for our appointments for dose #2 for each of us, but I’m betting the name of this entry that there won’t be a problem getting that second dose. CVS let us through the system in Florida, and then it let us change our second dose appointment to South Carolina, where officially the health department does not ban out-of-staters from the vaccine, so we have high hopes.

In the meantime, here’s the campground we picked for this dose: close enough to Columbia, SC that we could find appointments but far enough away that we could find a campsite—that’s basically the fancy equation. It’s sandy and flat here, with lots of tall, long-leaf pines.

This state park caters to equestrians, with a horse trailer section of the campground with fenced-in paddocks, plus plenty of riding trails and a ring and stables for competition. Not many people are here, but then we haven’t hit the weekend yet.

To pass time before we leave, we went on a bike ride around a five-mile loop road in the state park. This cute, painted hay bale marks the start of the loop, and the road is flat and sandy here, so I thought maybe I’d bike past Tracy and book it around and lap him once to get a super-good workout in.

No way, Jose. The road went into a wetlands restoration area and became swampy, and sometimes hard and pitted with hoof marks. We barely made it around the measly five miles and then had to wash off our bikes at the campground dump station after.

Here we’re stopping at one of the several artesian wells the Civilian Conservation Corps dug when they created this campground in the 1930s. We’ve run into several CCC campgrounds and always are amazed at the work those crews did for little more than rough-shod room and board.

The guy walking behind Tracy claims the water has medicinal powers, and he drove all the way from Atlanta to fill his plastic jugs. It did taste good, that’s for sure.


And Tracy, too! I took this while waiting for him to get his.

Tiny House Update

I added a new room above the living room: it juts out in the back and gives the house an interesting shape. Library and tea table and stools to come.

You can see my stray glue though and how uneven my books are. If I didn’t have to glue them down (for traveling), you’d be able to open them to see pictures and writing on several pages inside. There’s one Harry Potter in Japanese, and the Alice in Wonderland is in English. Man, this is fun stuff, and addicting. Notice what a sloppy craftsman I am, though. With each room I learn how to be more careful.