The Story of Bohawg and Raindrop

Once upon a time, there were two very good friends, and their names were Bohawg and Raindrop.

Never mind that both friends were smart and lovely; one accepted the nickname of Bohawg long ago, and that was that. She had happened to be the one sitting next to graffiti that spelled out “Bohawg” on the railroad trestle, the railroad trestle they shouldn’t have been on, long long ago, when they were rambunctious young women (but also smart and lovely).

You see, Bohawg and Raindrop were roommates in college. They played cards together late into the night. They encouraged each other to eat too much ramen. They danced to the New Potato Caboose until their beers bounced off the amplifiers. The loved a small group of friends, and they loved each other.

Then, well, tragedy struck, and they were separated when two big bad wolves led them astray. One to-be-ex-husband liked Tom Petty a little too much, and another couldn’t find the original photo that their nicknames came from, so he’s in the dog house, too.

After many trips through the woods to Gramma’s house for each of them, plus many phone calls to each other during family emergencies, with welcome laughter on the other end of a long, long line, they found each other again.

By then, they were both old ladies.

Bohawg was living in a tiny little shiny house, and she drove it right up to Raindrop’s big beach house and parked it in the driveway.

Raindrop’s new husband is very handsome.

Bohawg’s new husband is very handsome (when he’s not wrestling with a dog.)

When they were alone, Bohawg and Raindrop sat in the quiet for a long time, watching the light move across the marshes at Raindrop’s beach house.

They walked and talked on the beach for hours (dog is for scale, only).

Bohawg and Raindrop contemplated the arc of their friendship, and they felt true contentment.

Not the end, not at all.

8 thoughts to “The Story of Bohawg and Raindrop”

  1. P.S.: I took more than a few artistic liberties with details here, and I definitely should clarify that my ex-husband is not a big bad wolf. I do wish he’d find the picture (that he took) of Heather and me sitting on the railroad trestle with graffiti behind us.

  2. This is great I had no idea that these 2 charcters were you two until your reveal! Thats the strength of a great story teller!

    1. I’m that kind of generous friend! Actually, I think I’m sitting closest to Bohawg in the photo.

    2. I admit it, I am (and have always been) much more self conscious than Shelly. Knowing her friend better than her friend knew herself at the time, she readily owned Bohawg and I have been grateful for decades.