Following the Pollen Trail

After a week at the beach with friends, we continued our route north, this time northwest into central North Carolina, to a little state park campground in the woods, with hiking trails and plenty of springtime all around us.

It’s been wild to follow spring unfolding as we head north—our first change in the seasons since we left the East Coast last spring (summer in the UP, fall in Texas, and winter in Florida didn’t cut it). For the first time in a year I know what season we’re in, and my sinuses are reminding me if ever I forget.

This Morrow Mountain State Park doesn’t have the kazillion amenities that some of the larger state parks have, but that means it’s quieter, which of course I prefer. We’re right in the middle of the woods with very few campers and plenty of birdsong and breeze.

We did walk from the campsite to a nice little hike up a hill (not the mountain) and looked down on the Pee Dee River here.

Banjo really wanted to find her way down to the water for a drink, but we were perched up on a ledge with no easy way down.

We then drove to a longer hike, up and down what must be Morrow Mountain. Saw some critters, sneezed a bunch. Banjo pounced on a million lizards and let one run through her legs before she saw it and jumped straight up in the air.

It really is nice to be back in the woods. We even found an old cemetery (it turned out to be the sewer field for the state park, but I like to think of it as a cemetery.) Of course I say the same thing, that it’s nice to be back at the beach. Or back on a lake. It’s nice to be anywhere new. 🙂

Tiny House Update

With this quick break during our East Coast Friends Tour, I finished the library/tearoom on the second floor to the left, plus the bathroom on the second floor to the right. They were both beasts!

The library meant creating 16 tiny books plus not being able to find one piece of the second bench; I hope that will turn up like the last piece of a puzzle at the end. Plus, the teapot handle: impossible!

I’m pleased with the bubbles in the bathtub, but I doubt the plumbing with stay attached to the wall while we’re driving down the road.

Of all the million pieces I’ve had to assemble by hand (that shower and tub plumbing is 11 pieces, several which I had to measure and cut from wire), surprisingly, the toilet is one chunk of plastic. Where’s the fun in that if I can’t cuss the toilet while I’m trying to piece it together? My friend Lucy and I have a saying for after our complaining sessions on the phone: “At least we’re not putting together toilets.” Now I’m complaining that I didn’t put together a toilet!

Next up: our final quick stop in North Carolina before we finally arrive in Virginia.

2 thoughts to “Following the Pollen Trail”

  1. Your tiny house is fabulous! What a cool project! My latest project has been fixing my real life gate that had been busted off its hinges. After waiting for 6 weeks for Mike the contractor to come and fix it, I decided to McGiver it myself. Im quite proud of my work~ Cant wait until you make it to our neck of the woods!