Casino Parking Lot Drug Drop

We’re booking it from Maryland to Ohio for an Airstream Factory appointment, so we picked an easy place to stay for one night—an option we knew about but hadn’t yet tried.

Casinos are like many Walmarts, Cabelas, and Cracker Barrels: they know that people driving RVs are in their target audience and they have large parking lots, so why not let us stay there for free? We’ve parked at a Walmart when we needed to figure out how to get the truck fixed, and we had lunch in a Cabelas lot, but this was our first casino.

It’s in Wheeling, West Virginia, on a little island in the Ohio River. It’s an economically depressed area, and when we went into the casino just to see what’s up we ended up depressed ourselves. But, free parking for the night, so no worries. We put a couple of lawn chairs out in the grass away from the six cars of patrons and maybe ten cars of employees, and were happy as clams.

Our only excitement was when a car pulled up right in front of the trailer. From this photo you can tell how eye-catching that was. We were walking Banjo maybe 50 years away so keeping an eye on the trailer, and we watched.

The car just sat there, pulled at an angle in front of the truck, with the passenger door open. Finally we saw someone lift up what looked to be a trash can lid at the streetlight base, throw something away, then get in the car and zoom off. Huh, I didn’t think there was a trash can there.

There wasn’t. When we walked back, Tracy lifted the brown metal cover that’s between the pole and the yellow concrete base on the right, and there was a jar with cash inside.

It’s not like I’ve never heard of a drug deal, but who leaves cash right next to a camper that’s clearly occupied? With the occupants watching from afar?

As tempting as it was to grab the cash and spend it in the casino, we left well enough alone. Our evening was otherwise uneventful. We did spot this interesting house in the neighborhood right outside the casino. On the bench in the lower right is LAUGH painted brightly. Will do.

New Little House

I gave my first little house to my friend Lucy, who also took delivery of my next one as a kit in a box (yes, I’m now obsessed). This one is larger and gives you access to rooms on three sides instead of just one front, like the last one. It’s also made by a different company and much harder to create.

The parts are smaller, more delicate, and more involved in assembly. Plus there’s even less English in the many pages of non-consecutive instruction. A challenge!

So far I’m assembling pieces that involve lights (the cake lights up below) so that I can run the wiring in the frame. Then I’ll start with furniture and decorations.

I should try to take a picture of something like a piece of what I placed on a bead to create one of these cakes to show you how small it all is. This entire table fit inside an empty spice jar I had saved for safe travels for these pieces. I have to use two pairs of tweezer to hold anything, seriously. And don’t I suck at tablecloths? It’s supposed to be evenly puckered in a circle. I glue about as well as I iron.

So stay tuned!

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