Waterwheel Tiny House Start

I don’t know if this is a good use of my time or not. I constantly chide myself that I’m not spending my downtime productively, like researching more about where we are and where we’re going, being better on top of the trailer maintenance schedule, or, heck, even something more productive personally, like learning a new language, learning how to read music, or writing that book about my sister I started before I left.

All I can focus on, however, is making these tiny houses. I figure they’re a little like the sand mandalas certain Buddhists monks spend so much time carefully crafting, and then they blow them away. It’s certainly a type meditation, working on these. Plus the instructions are like a puzzle that’s bound to be good for my brain. So, for the time being, I’m going to keep on making tiny houses and giving them away.

Here a picture from the box of the latest one I picked up at an Amazon locker in North Dakota. It fits my criteria of literally fitting inside the container I have for it that I store in the shower. Plus it’s the most-detailed one I could find with those dimensions.

I’m bummed that there’s so much landscaping around the edges; if I had my way, the house would take up the entire “lot” and would be accessible from all sides. That would give me more bang for my buck: more rooms and more furniture and small decorations to work on. This one seems empty in the center with a solid wall at the back. Nevertheless, it’s been more than challenging.

This one has a chandelier in every room, which is super hard to make because the glue has to dry while it’s upright, before I can place it on the ceiling and run the wiring through the frame.

And from the instructions and tiny photo, I didn’t even know what this chandelier was supposed to look like while I was making it. I did at least fix the off-kilter window frame to the right after having taken the photo.

I have a few more walls to work on, and then I’ll start the furniture and landscaping. It’s absurd. We roll into a new and foreign land, I look around and grin at the world, and then I start thinking about where I’ll set up shop for my tiny house.