Glacier Lake Trail in Wyoming

We drove away from the campsite one morning along the same road we’re camped on that follows the main fork of Rock Creek—all the way up the canyon to the source of the creek in Wyoming. Little did I know that we’re on the border, but of course Tracy did because he looks at maps. 

We drove at about 5 miles am hour on this gravel road to the trailhead of Glacier Lake Trail, a hike up to a series of lakes that are gorgeous. (You can click on my map to see where we were.)

We hiked about 3 miles up, along some pretty steep switch backs, then we laid out a blanket and had a picnic and a rest, then carefully hiked all the way back down.

Our elevation gain was 1,400 feet, and we hit 10,000 feet.  You know numbers don’t mean a lot to me, but apparently that’s pretty high up there. Even below at our campsite, I’ve had a few liquid containers explode on me (tragically, beer among them.)

On the Way Up

I’d slept badly the night before, and the elevation was not helping my head.  Tracy amazingly carried all our water and lunch for us.  Banjo stayed at home: she would have hated all that climbing.

Wild flowers bloomed along all the waterfalls and brooks that ran down the mountainsides. 

At the Top: Lakes

This is Small Glacier Lake, I believe. We’d thought it might be 1.75 miles of steep climbing to get to them, but it was a full 2 miles to just glimpse them, then another walking around to see all the views. 

The large one’s been damed (how the machinery got up there I don’t know), and we had to take off our shoes to walk across the icy cold water as it washed atop one section.  

Totally worth it for the views of the lakes on the other side. 

On the Way Down

These smiles are because we made it down without Tracy twisting his knee or me sliding down loose gravel as I tend to do.  Next time, I’m using hiking poles.

We made it! I don’t feel the need to do any serious outdoor/exercisey thing for a good long time, now.  

At the Top: Lakes

2 thoughts to “Glacier Lake Trail in Wyoming”

  1. The walking sticks are invaluable. And drinking lots of water. I think it oxygenates your blood so you are less out of breath, and will help that headache! Haven’t done a hike like this, but just a little walking in the Rockies will wear you out. Flat doesn’t = low elevation!

    1. You hit the nail on the head with hydration, Renee. It’s hard for me to remember to keep drinking water when I’m so careful with water use, but I need to up my game.