Waterwheel Tiny House Update

I’ve done so much work on this one since I last posted about it that I thought it deserves its own post.  This way people who don’t give a darn can skip it easily, too.

So this one has been the most challenging, and not because of all the fiddly work but because the instructions are, well, almost nonexistent.  

There are a few small pictures showing how to put together the furniture and some flowers, etc. 

But there are no step-by-step instructions for any of it, so I’ve had to make notes on the booklet, circling pictures of pieces and coding them to match what they should look look like according to pictures of the house.

The second challenge is that the pictures are all marketing types!  You know, low lighting, special angles.  There are parts of this house that are literally not pictured in the booklet.

There’s a sweet little photo of the billiards room showing two pool cues on the table and three in a stand in the corner.  But there are six little white sticks that are probably supposed to be pool cues.  Did they stage the photo with only five of the six?  That’s what I bet on, and it wasn’t until a few days later when I was working on the  grand piano that I discovered that the sixth pool cue is supposed to be the arm propping the piano lid open. Luckily I could still pry that cue out of the stand and scrape off the handle I’d glued on it. 

There are photos of wiring being threaded from some lamps into the foundation of the house, but it wasn’t until I was weeks into this that I realized the foundation is open in the back, and that’s where the wires should come out.  Duh.  I’d carefully glued them as camouflaged as possible along edges of rooms.

I swore after this one I wouldn’t do anymore, but now that I’ve created a system to code my way through the instructions and gotten creative about what’s not pictured, I’m enjoying the bigger challenge.  At this level of detail these kits are expensive though (some $60) and I’m plowing through them, so I should at least work more slowly, right?

I do still have the upstairs bedroom, bath, office, some landscaping, and four rooftops. Whew.

2 thoughts to “Waterwheel Tiny House Update”

    1. Oh absolutely! You should see me in full concentration working on these things with the full grandeur of Montana around me. I’m nuts!