Let Me Know What You Think!

Hey guys, I’ve been writing this blog for more than a year and a half, amazingly.

And although I write it for myself, I’m curious how you read it and what changes you might like to see.

Your name won’t be associated with your answers, but you’re welcome to elaborate in the comments.


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Thanks again!

12 thoughts to “Let Me Know What You Think!”

  1. I did the survey but forgot to add this comment – under what posts you skip, you need to include None. They may not all be “favorites” but I read everything! Just FYI.

  2. I skip the ukulele segment, but would be sad if it disappeared. Just the thought of them charming! It’s a lovely blog. I’d recommend only making changes where the evidence strongly supports them.

    1. Thanks, Eric! So far all I’m finding is that readers want to know more about life in the road. And I would enjoy writing more, so that works out. 🙂

  3. Hi, our friends Dave and Renee told us about your blog when you were stuck in VA due to COVID. I would like to see larger pictures, but really wouldn’t suggest changing anything. We have recently started full timing in our class A. We moved to it because the 26’ class C was to small for us to full time in. I do very much miss the freedom to go boondocking like you mentioned in this week’s blog. This rig is just to tall and long, perhaps when we are out west (we currently are in VT).
    Don’t change anything about your blog. It is a reflection of why you camp. Even the parts I read less are fun.

    1. Congrats, John! We see plenty of Class As here out west, even boondocking. Heck, there was one parked near us in the Beartooth Mountains near Red Lodge, Montana, and that road was the bumpiest we’ve ever been on. You’ll enjoy your rig more out here, I’m sure.

      Since you’re living in a camper, I’m guessing you’re looking at this blog on a laptop, not a desktop. I wonder how big the images look on a bigger screen. They look so much better on mine before I upload them to the blog; I have to lower the resolution so I can upload them. Maybe one day I’ll actually pay for blogging tools (at least more than the minimum that I do now).

      Again, congrats on hitting the road—I know you’d been planning this a long time. Let me know how it goes.

  4. I read all the post no matter the topic! I honestly feel you should write what you want to write, not what your audience wants. We’re here for your experience!

    1. Thank you! I’m still going to write what I want to write, but you can’t blame me for being curious 🙂