Sketchy Dudes in Parks

We need to be near Salt Lake City for housekeeping-type stuff for a few days, and Tracy once again came through with an unusual camping spot for us. We’re on the other side of Utah Lake from the city, in a county park right on the lake. It’s isolated and beautiful, with a panoramic view of the Wasatch Mountains, with the city right at their feet.

Empty Campground

Um, is this campground open, though? We made reservations and paid for the campsite online, so at that time, it was.

We’re the only ones here though. And the day we pulled in, the county guys turned the water off at the outside spigots. Seems like October 1 is the cutoff day for in season/off season, which I understand, but does that mean this campground closes off-season?

We’re not going to find out, if we can help it; there’s no sense in looking an empty campground in the regulations.

Wasatch Mountains

These are amazing. Or, they would be if there weren’t a house-sized pile of gravel at the edge of the park between me and the view. I’ve managed to walk around the gravel or work with it, though.

Several times I’ve walked the edge of the lake, which is low and marshy. We hear sandhill cranes and see osprey, and this morning I thought some guys were down at the water fishing, but it turned out to be one great blue heron hanging out with some seagulls. Same thing, I guess.

Sketchy Dudes

The sketchy dude part seems to be part and parcel for our lifestyle now. Whenever we run errands in a city, we grab takeout for lunch and hit a park for a picnic, and you guessed it: sketchy dudes gravitate to parks in the middle of the day like moths to light.

Is that guy breaking into a car or trying to retrieve his keys? Is that guy camped here or stopped for lunch? Is that girl having a nervous breakdown with her head on the picnic table, or is she bent over her textbooks studying? Why is that guy cleaning his car in his soccer uniform?

Here, we seem to have more than our usual share of sketchy dudes. There’s a boat ramp and random people fishing the lake, of course, but there also seems to be a hunting area in the scrub right beside the park, oddly. We know only because of a sign that says, “Off leash dogs allowed only for hunting.” Really? Hard to tell what all the off-leash dogs are doing here. The gunshots have clued us in though.

People drive over to the muddy flats by the lake, park their cars, and we don’t know what else. Makes being the only ones here in the campground not as inviting as I once thought. Although, maybe we’re the sketchy dudes all alone here!

Ukulele Segment

Still, it’s a damn beautiful place. Pretty much as soon as we pulled in, I wanted to show off those mountains with a video. I do not, however, have any new songs to show off, so I pulled out a silly song that’s not interesting—either for its music or for my singing. Still, the scene behind me is so beautiful it looks like a green screen.

You guys take care!

5 thoughts to “Sketchy Dudes in Parks”

  1. Your sketchy dudes segment was hilarious!I do a lot of people watching and people commenting when Im with someone, always wondering is that person okay? should I offer help? I think I told you the story about the guy at Carrol Creek who kept emptying and filling different containers of water? Thing is, he dressed and looked like he graduated from Stanford, which made me wonder more. We are both very curious people. XO

    1. So funny. There was a guy at the boat ramp at this county park campground, and he clearly could not get his boat off the trailer into the water. He was hoping on it, jumping back and forth, etc. and I’d had enough of trying to figure out what people were doing so no way was I going to help this poor dude. My curiosity was spent! Miss you, Luce!