Pink Sofa Tiny House Finished!

We’re closer this week to Las Vegas in order to get civilized stuff done, but my impressions of the city haven’t formed well enough to post about it. So I’ll show off the pink tiny house in its entirety, woohoo!

The Whole Shebang

This one was, by far, my favorite to build.

I’m getting the hang of piecing together the quasi-English directions by taking lots of notes, of using the super-sticky glue that leaks all over its ziplock bag as we change altitude between campsites, and even of making the most of my terrible lighting and small work space when I work at night during spells of insomnia. Those challenges unique to me make me feel like I have DYI super powers!


My attempts at wiring worked the first time I flipped the switch.

And looks at those chandeliers! I had to use two pairs of tweezers on those bitty chains and a bit of magic to get the fake candles to stay reasonably upright while they were drying. You have to rig a system to get them to hang right-side up to dry before you can attach them to the roof panels, and I’m finally seeing how to do this.

Children’s Bedroom

This is the last room I finished, and I haven’t posted pictures yet, so here goes.

I don’t know any children with, well, any of this fru fru in their bedrooms, but this house is not about practicality. It is about teeny pink tulle dresses with ribbons!

Fav Details

Hidden behind the living room panel is the battery box for the lights; just move the painting and use tweezers to switch them on. I think that’s so clever!

And those roses need more patience than I have right now. They look nothing like they do in the marketing pictures, but then I’m guessing whoever made them for those is a master in origami. I am not, but at least they’re pink and attached to vines and stems.

Next Up

Yes, I have the mother of all tiny houses in a box in the trailer, itching for me to get my hands on it. But I want to finish some knitting projects first, and I can’t seem to get those done with a tiny house calling my name in the middle of the night. So the Mother of All must stay in her box for a while.

Stay Tuned!

Edited to add: I haven’t found a home for this one yet. If you’d like her and would be willing to pay for shipping, I’d be happy to send her to you.

4 thoughts to “Pink Sofa Tiny House Finished!”

    1. Thanks, Betsy! Some are 1:24 and some are 1:32. I’ll have to look at the specs online for this one, but I’m betting.

  1. Saw a “tiny library” in Signals catalog – more a 3D puzzle I think than a model. Still, made me think of you! Still reading and loving your blog. Haven’t made any progress with one of my own. Maybe someday!