Post Compilations

I use this blog as a journal: to document where we go, scenes from there, how I feel about certain places, yadda yadda. And I often scroll through the archives to find stuff.

I keep feeling like there’s so much content here that’s lost among the long chronology of my entries. So I’m beginning to compile certain posts into categories and list them on pages of the website. Here’s what I have so far:

All four of these pages have been in draft form for ages because I work on them just when I feel like it (well, okay, that’s no different than this entire website), but they’re in various states of being disorganized and/or incomplete. But, heck, this is my blog and I’m using the pages, so I might as well make them live as I work on them. It’s not like I’ve got advertisers who want a perfect presentation as the backdrop for their ads!

Here are the pages, in case you’re curious via this post.

And you know I’m updating the interactive map each time we move.

Okay, that’s my blog update. Thrilling, ain’t it!