Golden Canyon

Slot canyons are pretty common here in Death Valley due to flash floods, and they make for lovely hikes.  The revealed geology is colorful and varied in texture.  

We hiked up this slot canyon, through soft clay-like rock with a gravel wash for our path, and the sun was rising still against the tallest peaks ahead of us.

The canyon walls seem soft to the touch. 

The trail we were on ended at an area called Red Cathedral. 

It’s impossible to photograph it because I don’t have a lens to take in the heights and the vast expanse of rock above our heads. 

Tracy climbed up to the highest view available, but I wasn’t thrilled about climbing back down, so I waited for him below.  

To imagine the height of this place, I’m perched on the highest place I could climb to, and the wash that we hiked up is far far below me.  Tracy’s taking this shot of me from the highest he could climb to, but others were walking like Billy Goats along the tops of the canyons.  

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