Three-story Tiny House Beginning

When we were in Las Vegas, at an Amazon locker I picked up a new tiny house, and this was supposed to be the tiny house to end all tiny houses.

Three stories! A coy pond and a bridge! A sauna and a gaming gazebo, lol! This thing has everything.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten so used to making these that this one is moving along a lot faster than I expected it to.

I started with the house structure and made it up through the second floor. As you can see—or can’t see—the outer walls are solid on two sides, so I’m not making rooms to be viewable from 360 degrees. That’s a bummer, but at least the outer walls are pretty.

Here’s the first floor before I added the ceiling and second floor. That bathroom looks like it should be in a prison.

The Tea/sushi Room

This was the most fun to make, by far. I got to make sushi from paper and cotton! The lemon ad watermelon wedges I cut from tiny rubber tubes.

Plus, check out that lovely arrangement of cherry branches, a la moi. I twisted wire, then dipped them in glue and then in tiny bits of colored fluff. It started as a mess and turned out pretty cool.

The Disappointingly Plain Kitchen

Compared to previous ones, this is like a monk lives here.

I had to add the plate of muffins and bear-shaped cookies to give it character. (I save left-over parts from previous houses and finally got to use some!)

The Second-floor Bedroom

Okay, so my photos are out of focus, but I’m in a hurry to get this posted while I have any signal. The bed is actually off the floor; the bedside lamps should be pretty once I get the wires connected.

The little dressing table is plain, but I like how the back of the hand mirror matches the rest of the decor.

The Second-floor Patio

I find it kind of weird the most attractive eating area is on the second floor right off the bedroom, but I think practical design is not the strong point here. Perhaps you sit out here for your morning tea while reading your book. (Book is hidden by the tea cup.)

I haven’t begun the third floor, the roofing, or any of the garden or outbuildings, which I think are the most interesting part of this design. If you’re interested, you’ll have to stay tuned!

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    1. It does! I wish I had someone here who reads Japanese because the Western house kits’ books are all classics, and I wonder if these are real Japanese books.