Banjo Days at the LTVA

The desert here isn’t Banjo’s kind of place; the only mammals around seem to be the wild burros, and they act like they’re going to charge when they see her, so we stay away from them. Of course, we still take her on three walks a day, but they’re along the rocky, hard paths here, with sparse vegetation to sniff.

So she spends a lot of time lying around the campsite, rolling in the dirt.

We did take her with us into Yuma for an errand day (new truck tires!), and she seemed to enjoy watching the pigeons on the patio of the brewery. (I added Tracy because I like this photo. It was a busy day, the beer was mediocre, but he kept up his spirits. Plus, look at that lunch!)

As soon as the sun goes down, Banjo’s inside, on the sofa, as usual.

There you go, those of you who ask me for More Banjo. Banjo is always happy to oblige.

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