Magic Tiny House Finished!

I don’t need to title this with my exuberant, “Finished!” because I haven’t posted about this house during the production process, so there’s no need to differentiate this post. Still, I am feeling exuberant so the title is deserved.

Unlike most of my others that I could create room by room (and post about in process), this one I had to create bit by bit, often unrelated to where the pieces would go once I finally put it together. So, voila, the house in its entirety.

Let’s start from the bottom up.


The base is a heavy ceramic that I had to paint (I had to paint a bunch of parts for this one, which was a first for me. I don’t like it: messy in the Airstream, takes time to dry between coats, and takes up valuable space on the dining table). But, I think the hand-painting gives it a rougher look that suits this one.

The cellar is a disappointing white plastic shell that I put stickers on and painted that one pink wall. The only interesting aspect was making those little cellar doors, with all their hardware. Those bits are tiny, and I lost about half that I made as I was making them; I’ll be finding them all over the trailer for weeks. But don’t they look sturdy for such tiny things?


The main floor has a garden on one side and a study/lab on the other. The garden was a beast to create because I find flower- and grass-making to be so fiddly. Still, there as several aspects I really love, such as the wire hook up top, near the gold-spiral chimney.

There’s also that weird lever that Finn pointed out is like one in the Tardis. You have no idea what it does, but you know it’s darn important. Don’t touch it unless The Doctor tells you to.

When the lid/top floor is on, a ladder descends in the midst of the garden so you can climb to the roof (photos of that way below).


The study is the coolest, I think. I made each little scroll by rolling up printed paper and gluing twine around. By the door is a tall magnifying glass, and by the lattice is some kind of contraption with a green spring that, again, probably is a precursor to something in the Tardis.

I like the trap door especially and how I had to line up the ladder from the pink room below to hit it just right.


The raven on the roof has their own house, which they’d better tread lightly with because it’s precariously placed.

But maybe they’ll lead you on your broom to far-away places, because you’ve got a suitcase at the ready, plus a sign to remind you what’s in which direction.

This one is fairly stable and small, so I can keep it in a nook beside my bed and imagine the being who lives in it at night. Luna Lovegood’s dad, as Shannon suggested? Gandalf on his days off, as Tracy says?

I’m thinking it’s me while I sleep.

7 thoughts to “Magic Tiny House Finished!”

    1. I actually already gave it away! Seems like I don’t like having them around. It’s just the making that I like.

      1. I totally get that. I’d make more quilts if I could give them away, there’s a limit to how many you can keep! And it’s why I like making face masks, choosing the fabric and doing a good job sewing them and then having the pleasure of making someone else happy with it is just really nice. All the fun of making without the responsibility of having to find somewhere to put it!

        1. Oh wait, like to cover your mouth and nose, duh. I was imagining some kind of anthropological Māori masks. It didn’t make sense you’d make them and give them away!