Whale Tail Tiny House First Floor

This house is gonna be grand and weird and funky, but it’s hard to visualize that at this early stage. I did finish the kitchen on the first floor, which is full of oddities (here’s a post of photos of the cabinetry).

I’ve set this first floor on the platform it will eventually be on via stilts to show its intended context; there will be a roped-off pool where the lights are under the water, as well as a dock and random weird water items. I am guessing the sign that says, “Enjoy Your Life” is an interpretation of, “No Lifeguard on Duty” or, ”Shallow Water, No Diving.” Heck, maybe ”Enjoy Your Life” covers all possible water catastrophes.

Come to Dinner!

Man, I wish I’d worked on the table items in the daytime with full light. But I’m trying to stay true to the purpose of this project by work on it only when I can’t sleep, so that means working conditions of a fuzzy head and dim lighting.

Still, I like the two cake plates, and the trimmings around the turkey are a nice touch. This is the first time I’ve had to make utensils out of foil, and it was darned near impossible with two sets of tweezers and a flashlight. I think they’re recognizable, though.

Here I’m holding a wine goblet for scale.

Wall-Mounted Aquarium

This sucker is wild. Check out the pearl inside the shell in the bottom left of the front photo.

The instructions call for those bland yellow and white fish; had I not been trying to be quiet in the sleepy trailer so as not to disturb Tracy and Banjo (Banjo is grumpy when woken), I would have dug out my extra material and created some blue and green striped ones. Alas, I sealed the aquarium against the wall that night, and it’s done. I think it’ll look cool enough though when lit in the dark.

Weird Doodads

I believe that shell is supposed to be a teasing toy dangling in front of the cat photo. Has anyone seen anything like this in real life? And the coffee bags have been folded with bits of coffee beans inside, plus there are coco beans in the little jar.

Don’t you appreciate how the photo of the fish has been mounted on newspaper? And the cloth parasol: that takes the cake.

The spiral staircase leads to the living room upstairs that I’m now just beginning. If the wallpaper with palm leaves and ukuleles is any indicator, this level will be fun to put together, too! Just forgive the extra glue everywhere; insomnia is my muse.

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