Shana & Marcus Make a Day into a Gift at Del Mar Fairgrounds 

We are steadfast boondocking enthusiasts, but on occasion we find ourselves enjoying time in oddly amazing (campground) situations. We decided to give the fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA, a try. 

Known as the place where the surf meets the turf, it played host to the world-famous Sea Biscuit back when he began his historic run into horse racing fame. There is a horse graveyard here where tiny beloved dogs are buried, as well. Who knew? 

Wake-up Call

10 April is a “crappy” day in this RV family. We lost our son on this day two years ago due to the devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic and related overdoses with fentanyl in America. (That’s him below with his sister.)

So, in typical benevolent form, our son sounded the alarm clock at 6 am on this day with our dog taking a sickly poop in our bed, as if to say “Hey, let’s get this shit out of the way and get on with our day.”

If you are an animal person, then inherently you have felt the pure unconditional love that cannot be duplicated. A pet dog is an infant its entire life; allow that to sink in for a second. Somehow, they have become interwoven among the family structure to a point where, if they get sick or feel ill, you hurt for them like they’re helpless offspring. 

What I cannot for the life of me understand is how they cornered the market on “unconditional love.” I am dumbfounded at the ability to literally move your bowels on the bed of the two humans responsible for your very survival and comfort level, who are in an REM-level sleep, and still get kisses and hugs for it. Who gets away with a thing like that? 

The smell, the laundry, the never-ending questions to my wife as to “When do they leave for college?” or “Can we get them jobs?” It’s the daily fountain of smiles and warm feelings they splash about everywhere as a reminder that they’re family members, also, and from time to time have accidents. 

Smalls (that’s the smaller of our dogs)—no worries—I will just add the laundry bill to your tab and mark it as “paid in full.” Poppa CFO will cook the books for you so Mommy will never know you exceeded your yearly balance, again.

Crashing a Wedding Bazaar

That was our wake-up call!  Next, using recreation as our guiding compass, we set out to honor our son the best way we knew how. We crashed a wedding bazaar at the fairgrounds. 

We had been parked beside the bazaar all day and were sitting and reflecting on the time we had with him—as we listened to a band in the distance blast out wedding ditties like it’s a scene from the Wedding Singer. So, we got our butts up and headed over to celebrate Tyler’s time here on Earth.

Oh, what a spectacle to behold!  There were pie-eyed brides, gaggled closely behind by maids a milking and mothers smiling in search of that perfect little consumer item to make their wedding day consumable. 

Ponies, actual ponies were being paraded around that you can rent for your wedding—oh the consumer horror! Marcus got volun-told to take ponies for an exercise trot; that was so much fun for him. 

We sampled brick oven pizza and took extra for Tyler (photo up top). He was a pizza delivery guy for a short time and apparently stole a slice out of a friend’s box before delivery. To this day, only Tyler knows if he was aware that he was delivering to a friend that day.

Inside was even a grander spectacle that included a catwalk for models to show off “the dresses to which to say yeses”! 

After a serious deep dive into the world of nuptials and walking around with a sticker on her chest saying “engaged,” Shana was quickly teleported to a place where she was viewed as a walking and talking bank account. To be honest, Shana was engaged: she was fully engaged in experiencing life more like our son would have.

A Gift in a Day

Congratulations rained down from every way in hopes of us booking our special day with the vendors, but we were on a different mission this day. The congrats arrived in our ears as banners being waved to us for making it to this point in our lives where we can celebrate instead of mourn. 

Tyler, we choose to celebrate the reflection you produced with your light! This slice is for you. We miss you constantly. What a gift in a day.

Teaser: Be on the lookout for posts about our ground scores and treasure hunts! (beep, beep)

Shana And Marcus

We are a post-pandemic retired duo who decided society was too much of a crazy breed. We bought an RV, then a tent, and took off on the road so we could get back to nature, reflect on the beauty that goes unnoticed and focus on recreation. (For more posts by these authors, click on their names, above.)

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