Contemporary Tiny House

I bought this house kit because of that contemporary-style rock garden at the foot of the steps. I’ve worked on Japanese houses with tall trees in the courtyards, but never a tree inside the house. There’s no roof to this kit, but I’m imagining a tall ceiling for the entire the left half of the house, with plenty of skylights.

That area opens up the design and makes it less boxy than others. Although, how you don’t fall off the bedroom into the living room is a mystery.

To make the trees, I wrapped wire with narrow, straw-like paper for the trunks, and I cut the leaves and glued them individually. Details like the exact direction of each leaf make all the difference in fooling the eye.

The glare is terrible; the staircase is on the outside of a clear enclosure around the rock garden, with several low plants inside.

The living room is rather ordinary, and I had a hard time not getting glue all over the sofa, so I added a fluffy comforter with a book on top. Too bad I then forgot to put books in the TV stand!

Can you see the Roomba at the foot of the stairs?

It’s beyond me why anyone would put velvet-upholstered chairs in the kitchen. And there’s no espresso machine! The watermelon slices were fun to cut, though.

I don’t know why I was in a hurry to photograph this, then glue on the dust cover, then give it to the camphost near Big Sur, but I was, apparently. I forgot until the end to add the white siding to the outside wall that’s quite contemporary, and there’s dust and glue all over the photos. Well, I’m thinking whoever the camphost gives this to will enjoy it, nonetheless.

I had to make the bed mattress twice to do justice to that huge headboard. The slippers are adorable, though; I used material from a former Japanese house for the pink ones.

Every single computer in tiny houses in an Apple. Design, ya know.

The bathroom has inset shelves with lots of what my sister called, “notions and cheams” (she used to watch our mom apply lotions and creams at her dressing table), so I took several photos. I don’t know what the green sliced fruit is on the shelf over the bathtub, but I recognize the iPad for sure. I used to have a shelf just like that!

Alas, no fancy chandelier in this one, and I think the lighting suffers because of that. There’s not even a table lamp at the office desk. Again though, maybe someone will think this is interesting and imagine a tiny family living there, cleaning with the Roomba while wearing fancy slippers and watering the trees.

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