Wanna Buy Our Friends’ Airstream?

Or just interested in an insider’s view of the world of buying and selling pre-owned Airstreams? Doug and Melanie, our friends (and fellow bloggers here when they’re not so busy) are selling theirs and have given me permission to post about it. Here we go with the deets!

Why They’re Selling

These die-hard adventurers set aside a year to explore the country in their new Airstream, and we met them by chance just because they were near us in California, then camped with them again on Mars. (Their trailer is in the foreground; ours in the background.)

They love their Airstream, but they love even more getting into wild places to hike and explore and enjoy nature on their own. So they’ve bought an off-road, smaller trailer that they can take farther into the wild.

The deal with Airstreams (one reason why they’re so expensive) is that there aren’t that many new ones out there (but plenty of old ones because they rarely die). There’s just one Airstream factory in the world, and they run one shift at a time. With current labor and parts shortages, they’ve actually slowed production to ensure quality. So there are a lot of people eager to buy Airstreams (thanks, media), and not many out there. I’m thinking Melanie and Doug’s will sell quickly.

Theirs Compared to Ours

Theirs is a 2019 25’ Flying Cloud, with twin beds in the back.

Ours is a 2019 28’ International, with a queen bed in the back.

Basically, it’s the same damn trailer, but if you want to knit pick, we have two feet more, which allows us that L-shaped couch, plus for the kitchen table to be located directly across from the galley. But it also means we have a harder time getting into campsites. Two feet makes a big difference.

Their Interior

Man, don’t Airstreams look good inside!

Their sofa and kitchen table fold down like ours into sleeping room for more people than anyone could want in their trailer. I’ve seen people keep that table down and place cushions and extra throws so the whole L shape there is a lounging paradise.

Their interior style is Flying Cloud whereas ours is a Signature, so the styling is a bit different, but it’s all there.

Plus they have twin beds instead of our queen, which gives them a lot more floor space to change clothes.

The big difference (other than two feet) is that they have a composting toilet. They’ve connected the black and grey waste tanks into one big tank, so with careful water use, they can live for a full month out boondocking without having to hitch back up and dump tanks. That’s more than twice our record.

Their Exterior

They’ve got this extremely nice awning that I covet. It might not look like much, but it creates a protected, private space outside where you can do things like take off your muddy boots without getting rained on in the process. I imagine it creates a much cooler space when the sun is beating down on that side, as well.

They also have the Airstream-brand bike hitch on the back, whereas we hitch ours to the front of the trailer.

All the Deets

So, after all that fancy talk, what’s the price?

$88,900. Believe me, that’s competitive.

The full listing is here:

I’ll let you know when they sell, and I’m hoping they’ll post about their new off-road trailer as soon as it arrives: it’s on its way from Australia where it was made just for them.

Can’t wait to see it in person because that means I get to see the awesome people who come with it.

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