Hoh Rainforest

We’re in Washington State, in Hoh Rainforest within Olympic National Park. I don’t have cell service here, just what I can squeeze from the jetpack on Tracy’s plan very early in the morning, so I’ll be quick. 

National Park Camping

I’d forgotten that, in popular national parks, you have to hike popular hikes before 10 am or else the trail is overrun with loud people. Thank goodness Tracy found the only campsite within the Hoh Rainforest where we fit, so we can just walk to the trails and hike very early and very late.  

Hoh River

Our campsite backs up to the Hoh River, where I’ve ensconced myself with layers of waterproof clothing and a book when the trails are crowded.  

Really though, I’m watching the mist blow through the trees on the mountains above. 

Moss, Ferns, Nurse Trees

Some mosses dangle from trees, but they get their nourishment solely from the air and rain.

Some trees can’t germinate in the soil but can on downed trees; these new trees grow along the dead nurse tree in a lovely row. 

Did you know I like ferns? 

More Pics

I see the irony here that when I have something to blog about I don’t have cell signal to spend time online to do it. So, here are some pictures! And read about the Hoh Rainforest if you can’t visit it. It’s unique and magical.

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