Canada Day at Lac Le Jeune

I’m writing this post as we drive to the next campsite on our way to Jasper because 1) I had too little cell service to write it from the campsite plus will have no service at the next one, and 2) I didn’t take many pictures because it rained on and off the whole time, plus there were 300 million people at the day use area and zooming around the campground, so we did a lot of just hanging out.

The only hiking directly from the campground is a 7-mile loop around the lake, which I did in a hurry to avoid incoming rain, which showed up as delightful sleet.

The walk was pretty though, with views of small ponds that feed into the lake.

A few aspen dotted the forest.

The lake itself was gorgeous the whole time the sun shone (which was about half the time, in five-minute intervals). Canadians must be a tough lot though, since they stayed on the beach and in or on the water no matter what fell from the sky.

While it rained, we tried a new setup for the Firefly game inside. Usually we play on the larger table outside, so it’s always a trick to get the whole game to work in the trailer. Not pictured: a tray on my seat with more of my cards, and the ottoman beside the table with the game tokens and our beer and happy-hour snacks. We are versatile about the weather in our own way!

Banjo hates being stuck inside and will glare at us and occasionally whine in the trailer. Here’s Tracy’s entertaining her. I think she’s entertaining him, too.