The KK Brings Friends

We’ve had exciting times at Honeydale Mobile Home and RV Park: a new trailer arrived, and it’s the home of our friends!

I’m partly making fun of myself: I get so excited when an rv shows up here because it reminds me we’re not the only travelers left (seems like it among all these mobile homes).

And I’m partly making fun of the park we’re in, where gossip runs rampant at Saturday morning coffee and donuts, and when a funky trailer pulls in, people gather around it for the show.

You guys remember our friends Doug and Melanie, right?

We met them in California a couple of years ago, and ever since, we’ve traded notes on where we visit, what hikes are the most scenic, what birds we see, and we each make it a point to crisscross paths when we can. (Although, come to think of it, I think they’ve gone to all the trouble so far. We’ll have to make up for that.)

When they drove down here to meet us, a crowd greeted their arrival, no joke. I’d made a big deal with the front office about the fact that their tent-camper is unusual and would need a special space in the park (really it’s fine anywhere, but I wanted to find them a special space). And, word got out that this trailer from Australia was coming in. **Drum roll for the KK**

I should have gotten a photo of the people watching, with their dogs, a golf cart, a motorcycle. And me with my camera! Poor Doug and Melanie, having to set up camp to an audience. Goes to show what easy-going, good-natured people they are that they didn’t shoo away even one of us.

The exciting thing to watch is how their trailer opens up like so, with the bed above the axle and a solid floor behind for a second little sealed-in room.

Mostly, they live outside, with the kitchen sliding out from in front of the axle, and their living room under the tent-like canvas extensions. They can create additional outside rooms with more canvas extensions, in whatever direction keeps them from the wind, rain, or sun.

So, what kind of nut cases choose to live in this kind of contraption? Adventurous ones! They hike every day they can, they climb, they soak in natural hot springs, they go birding, they camp out in the desert with no one in sight for as long as they can. Having their food and clothes and supplies packed in bins all the time is so no problem because their eyes are on the horizon instead of at home.

Oops, I started this post and didn’t get to finishing it because we went to the beach.

All days at the beach are good days. This one was windy through, and the tide was up so we couldn’t spend much longer than it took to eat our pork tacos. (Sometimes when you order tacos or nachos here, what you get a big bunch of meat. Whatever else comes with it is peripheral.)

On the way to and from the beach, Doug took pictures of SpaceX, which I hope to be able to share later.

They’ve decided to stay nearby for longer, so more to come!

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been pointing Doug towards his own blog this week, so perhaps another blogger will be born among us!