Doug and Melanie Get Stuck in AZ

Imagine having a breakdown when you’re off-grid. You get your truck towed to a repair place but they don’t know when it’ll be fixed. So you’re back at your campsite for who knows how long. With no one in sight. No electric hook-ups, no running water, unreliable cell service. And you’re surrounded by rats—obnoxious rats. Really!

If you’re Doug and Melanie, you make the most of it. They are so hard core.

For the past year, Doug has graciously allowed me to paste his emails back home as blog entries here; in them he describes his and Melanie’s travels with the type of detail I often miss, and his photos are professional-level gorgeous.

Now, Doug’s started his own blog! Its format allows you to enlarge his photos to full-screen when you click on them, which I’m mighty excited about (and want to try for myself).

It’s called Personal Freedom, and you can follow them at WordPress or click on my link here. His first post is about their campsite before they visited us in Brownsville, the campsite where they got stuck in the middle of nowhere and proceeded to live their lives as usual, hiking, exploring, and taking pictures as they went.

Rock on, Doug and Melanie. See you in Alaska!

Doug and Melanie

Doug and Melanie are avid explorers and hikers. They travel with their Kimberly Kamper, and their home base is Ohio. (For more posts by these authors, click on their names, above.)